What People Are Saying About Our Wellness Workshops:

~ Marge W.:

I have enjoyed Pete’s Wellness Education Workshops so much!! He is a wealth of information and a very interesting and fun speaker. If you have a chance to attend his Wellness series, do it!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

~ Al and Ellen H.:

The wellness program is chock-full of good information presented in a well-organized, clear and engaging manner. It provides numerous good general guidelines for nutrition as well as lots of details to suit varying levels of interest. A two-thumbs up!!

~ Fay A.:

I have to share with you the significant impact your wellness workshops have had on my life! I know that sounds extreme, but it’s true!

Although I had an interest in losing weight, that was not my primary reason for coming to your workshops. I started attending because my mother died at 65 of a massive heart attack. She ate poorly and had a number of health issues. I am now on several medications and, looking in the mirror, I can see I have inherited many of my mother’s genes—and I am now 65 years old.

The information you presented was both fascinating and appalling! The way our nation’s eating habits have changed; the negative trends in the health of our country’s population; the [troubling yet common practices] within the food industry; learning about processed food—I was hooked!

My husband and I studied the bibliography you provided, ordered a few books and read to each other at night. Our eating habits have changed dramatically…we don’t count, weigh, or measure anything anymore and we don’t deny ourselves either. I’ve lost 30 pounds! This isn’t a diet—this is a lifestyle change brought about by the things you taught us. Thank you SO much! I am so grateful and hope many other people learn from you.

~ Jim A.:
My adult life has been a regular cycle of unsuccessful dieting…low-calorie diets, low fat diets, Weight Watchers, and Atkins to name a few. So, it was with some skepticism that I attended your first workshop. After that first night, I stopped thinking about food in terms of “numbers” and started thinking about “processing” and “sugar.” The information that you shared about the food industry in the United States really struck a chord with me—my wife and I started shopping, cooking, and eating differently.

My job was damaging my physical well-being. Even though I never had to leave my chair, I was exhausted at the end of the day. The numbers on my blood tests were abysmal. However, now I’m pleased to say I’ve lost 40 pounds without a lot of effort outside of “paying attention” and my wife has lost 30 pounds. We’re both nearly down to the weight we were at when we met.

The weight loss hasn’t been the only benefit. We also feel much better! We’ve both had physical exams in the past couple months and turned in the best blood test results that either of us has seen in years!