Wellness Education

Informative ● Engaging ● Tax Deductible

What Kind of Workshops Do We Offer?

We offer a variety of workshops, such as:

  • Why Do We Keep Getting Bigger and Sicker? This workshop explores how our environment influences our lifestyle, which in turn, influences our health.

  • Food as a Messenger This workshop examines how our food choices send messages to our bodies that can either enhance or harm our health. When we make the right choices, the food we eat can become medicine to our bodies.

  • Don’t Trust the Process! This workshop contrasts unprocessed and ultra-processed foods. It also explores the adverse health effects of eating ultra-processed foods.

  • Let’s Not Sugar-Coat It This workshop draws on a variety of sources to define the meaning of sugar in all its forms and to explain the adverse health effects of eating sugar.

  • What Should We Eat? This workshop summarizes the insights of numerous experts regarding what we should be eating. It is intended to provide attendees with compelling “food for thought” that they can discuss with their doctors or a registered dietician in crafting a customized nutritional game plan that works for their unique circumstances.  

  • Nutrition, Exercise and Brain Health  This workshop explores the impacts of proper nutrition and exercise on the functioning of our brains.

How Does It Work?

Our wellness workshops are designed for companies and non-profit organizations that are interested in enhancing the health of their employees or members.

Step 1: We provide you with a free 15-minute phone consultation so that you can learn more about our wellness workshops. If we mutually agree that our workshops are a good fit for your organization, then we proceed to step 2.

Step 2: We make an appointment for our company to conduct a wellness workshop at your location. The workshop can be tailored to fit into a 60, 75, or 90-minute window, depending on your needs.

Step 3: After the workshop concludes, we will ask you to make a $50 tax deductible donation to our company’s scholarship fund. These funds are used to provide financial assistance to people in our community who would like to participate in our company’s one-on-one and small group services, but do not have the financial resources to do so.

Step 4: For an additional donation of $300, we would come to your location once a month for six months to deliver additional wellness workshops. You can choose to discontinue our wellness workshops at any time and receive a full refund for any unused workshops.

Our approach is not just a win-win. It is a win-win-win! Your organization “wins” because our  value-added services help develop a wellness culture that strives to increase your employee job satisfaction and productivity while decreasing your company’s healthcare costs. Your employees “win” because they are gaining access to valuable information that not only enhances their on-the-job performance, but also may improve their quality of life outside the workplace. Finally, financially-distressed members of our community also “win” because your tax-deductible donations enable them to obtain wellness services that they cannot afford on their own.